The skipping rope is an exercise that develops muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular capacity. This exercise mainly involves the lower limbs but it also helps to develop the shoulder region well. The double jump action is often used in crossfit style training. It can be a good exercise in HIIT training. It can be a great exercise to warm up for a team sport or a race. It doesn't require any equipment and it can be done anywhere

Body Parts

  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Gluteus maximus
  • Quadriceps Femoris
  • Hamstrings
  • Triceps Surae
  • Medial Deltoid


  • Stand up with the jump rope.


  • Jump rope with the feet together.


Always wear good shoes that fit well. Keep the middle of the kneecap aligned with the 2nd toe. Keep the back straight. Keep the head aligned with the torso. Always absorb the landing.