A bodybuilding exercise that focuses on the pecs and delts, especially on the front of the body. It requires a Swiss ball and dumbbells, and is great as part of an at home workout or at the gym. Performing the exercise regularly helps to improve your balance, whilst strengthening your stabilizer muscles. You will also see muscle gain and increased strength with.

Body Parts

  • Chest
  • Shoulders


  • Lay back down on the floor with the head against the floor.
  • Place the feet at shoulder width with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle and press with the heels.
  • Keep the buttocks and lumbar region tightened.
  • Place the arms horizontally with the elbows lightly bent.


  • Push the weight over the chest while keeping the elbows lightly bent.
  • Return to the horizontal position.


Keep the back straight. Keep the abdominals contracted. Never lower past the natural movement of the exercise Never lock the elbows. Keep the wrists straight.