Pecs, delts, triceps and abs are the muscles targeted in this strength building exercise. You do not need any machines or equipment for this exercise, so it can be done in your living room or at a fitness center. This exercise will allow you to gain muscle mass in your pectoral muscles. The push-up is a bodyweight movement, and uses your body weight to gain relative strength.

Body Parts

  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
  • Pectoralis Major
  • Triceps Brachii
  • Anterior Deltoid


  • Place the hands and feet on the ground.
  • Keep the hands at shoulder width with the fingers pointing forward.
  • Extend the arms.
  • Elevate the body on the toes of the feet while keeping the body straight.
  • Suck in the stomach and contract the abdominals.
  • Keep the head aligned with the body.


  • Bend the elbows to bring the nose close to the floor.
  • Keep the elbows close to the body or pointing out.


Always keep the head aligned with the body. Never arch the back. Keep the abdominals contracted. Do not let the elbows move behind the shoulders. Never lock the elbows. Use handles if the exercise hurts the wrists.