This bodybuilding exercise focuses on working the deltoids, especially the middle delts. It can be done at home or in a gym, but you will need dumbbells. It helps to build muscle mass and improve shoulder definition, as well as reduce arm fat.

Body Parts

  • Shoulders
  • Supraspinatus
  • Trapezius
  • Medial Deltoid


  • Hold the weights with the thumbs pointing forward.
  • Keep the arms alongside the body.
  • Place the feet at shoulder width with the knees lightly bent.
  • Keep the back and head straight.
  • Pull the shoulders slightly back.
  • Suck in the stomach and contract the abdominals.


  • Lift the weights along the side with the arms extended above the shoulders.
  • Keep the elbows slightly bent.


Keep the head aligned with the body. Keep the back straight. Keep the abdominals contracted. Never rotate outside of the shoulder. Never let the hands pass shoulder height. Keep the wrists straight.